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White Euphoria

A Sexy Lingerie Collection designed for home appliances

Unveiling intimate charms for Washing Machine,

Microwave, Air Conditioner, and


I want to offer a joyful offence to the burnout quotidian,

                                                                            through a fetish gaze towards domestic appliances

Home appliances are like the vegetative nervous system in our domestic living space. They function independently of consciousness and regulate the basic physiological activities of the body's internal organs, such as breathing and heartbeat, to maintain the most basic instincts of life.

For this reason, I always think they trigger the feeling of sexual frigidity.

Unlike tables and chairs, they do not directly triggers sensory intimacy. 

They are "white" , keeping the balance of life silently

They are mass-produced and functional 

Their surface are straight, smooth and flat, 

They have no folds.

Their presence is an underlying tone. 

It is the instinctive breathing and heartbeat of the domestic space.

For me, in domestic appliances there are mental traces of individual inner experience under the influence of instinct. Designing underwear for machines is in itself a vibrant creative impulse. Eroticism is revealed in the folds of lace, liberating these bodies from the smoothness and revealing their inner Libido - a vigorous primal drive for life.

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