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Me あたし?Meconnecting..我.BioMe.

Angel is a digital media artist, an image maker, a fashion stylist, an underwear designer and a creative art director. Her current research focus is on the fluidity between human beings, ecology, and the environment revealed by electronic technology. Her previous works have spanned various mediums, including tactile installation, moving image, interactive art, web games, VR, 3D, photography, and performance art.

She has collaborated with individuals in various fields such as new media and fashion on multiple occasions. She excels at infusing unconventional, experimental, and artistic perspectives into her work, aiming to imbue it with distinct meanings. Simultaneously, she seeks to incorporate avant-garde ideas, critical thinking, and visual elements into visual creations.

Angel Qin is a series of letters, which were pieced together 25 years ago. 

Starting from 2020, she also becomes a random composition of 6 digit numbers 249908

that locates her digital existence at 18A Cable Road, Singapore;

posits her as the color hex (36,153,8) in the RGB spectrum;

and lists her as a Geo Dew piston on Amazon.

She is an ecological being with numerous digital identities.

She is a plausible composition of chromosomes X and Y.

She is a plausible composition of binary codes 0 and 1.

She is You.
She is Me.

Education Journey

2016 - 2020

University of Rochester   US

Film and Media Studies

Minor: Japanese language and culture

             Environmental Humanity

             Studio Art

2020 -2023

Royal Collage of Art   UK

Contemporary Art Practice-Moving image pathway

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