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I + 0 = I is a performance artwork collaborated with artist 

It has been selected and performed in Tate Modern as part of the RCA Contemporary Art Practice x Tate Modern Lates event, Beyond Surface - Tactile Presence 

We think of the self as a site rather than as a person, and thus the process of self exploration becomes a site that has been constantly building up. We explored the process of self-construction with the use of the mathematical equation 1+0=1

The performance consists of two performers, the one wearing a metallic fishbone skirt representing the ‘I’, while the other constructor representing the '0'. The performance is the process of adding fabric s to the skirt and eventually turning it into a construction site.

It needs two parts to form a binary;


/ I is the origin

  I is the self

  I is the body

& I is a plural 


Instead of a single number;

0 is the null set ∅

0 = { }

   = “the set of all triangles with four sides, 

    the set of all numbers that are bigger than nine but smaller than eight”

    the set of all items not identical with themselves

0 = { Dream/Ambiguity/moon, river, lemon cookie/quantum force……}


/I and 0 were loaded to the Jacquard loom 

which weaves infinite possibilities;


/I is the uncompleted metallic fishbone skirt, allowing 0 to make construction;

Meshes are being added to I; 


0 is gently gently releasing 1’s binary body

Plus 0, I is turning into a construction site;\


This project has been reshot and is now also being made into a moving-image work

Video Trailer:

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